Online Safety Act legal challenge by Dr Zac Cox

free speech

Dr Zac Cox is challenging the Online Safety Act/Bill which is a major threat to democracy and freedom in the UK. The Judicial Review was lodged on the 2nd October 2023 prior to Royal Assent.


Zac’s primary concern is that anyone who questions government/ big pharma / big tech policy will now be at risk of being censored and even jailed! Medical censorship is already disproportionate and unjust, now anything controversial is in danger of being blocked or removed – censored before it’s seen. Religious beliefs are also in grave danger of being censored.

Ofcom have been appointed God as they are obviously infallible and have no links to any businesses whatsoever (probably!) – and they have the final say in what can and what cannot be said online. Google and Facebook are now trusted with what is the Truth – I can hear angelic choirs singing as I type this ๐Ÿ™‚

Fact checkers are now demagogues and know all things!

What could possibly go wrong!

Thank You so much for Your support it really does mean the World to us.


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